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Solid State Logic 9000J/XL9000K
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The 9000 J and K-Series (the J was released first in 1995) had a similar user layout, but very different internals. On the 9000, no capacitors are used throughout the audio path. SSL calls this technology “Superanalogue”. Theoretical bandwidth is 5Hz to 500kHz. The circuits are band limited (on purpose) to 10Hz to 80Khz on a 9000J and 10Hz to 120KHz on a 9000K.
The final XL9000K, introduced in 2002, has surfaced mount components in the centre section, compared to the J it has better headroom, bandwidth and a lot of upgrades.
Fewer consoles were sold, compared to the (4000) E/G-Series – only 190 SL9000Js and 55 XL9000K. They are mostly custom pieces.


Solid State Logic’s 9000 J joins Brainworx’s SSL-Console Series

...orchestral recordings of the 1990s, 2000s, and beyond. Brainworx’s bx_console SSL 9000 J was developed using the original Solid State Logic 9000 J schematics and built by using component modeling in close collaboration with SSL engineers. Additional refinement of the exacting emulation came courtesy of GRAMMY® Award-winning mix engineer Michael Brauer, who helped Brainworx by...

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Solid State Logic’s 9000 J joins Brainworx’s SSL-Console Series

Hi everyone! Just tested this plugin. As a sidenote I work daily in a studio with a SSL 9000K so I am very familiar with the real thing. But I was curious to find an ITB alternative for my personnal studio. The EQ is good, sounds real. Doesn't sound better than Equilibrium with the SSL...

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Plugin Alliance releases NEOLD V76U73

Well let's roll with the OT for just a little bit more. Have you tried PA's SSL 9000j? Also, the Lindell 80 is pretty roundly loved around here, I've gotten good use out of it but have never used a Neve board so who knows how accurate it it. Sounds great to me though. I HAVE...

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