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Tube-Tech PE 1C

Softube Tube-Tech PE 1C
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We think the sound from this equalizer is the reason why some people started spelling "fat" with "ph" when describing a sound. The PE 1C will give you the most thunderous and solid low end on the planet, and in addition to that, a treble that is so silky and sweet you just want to cuddle into it.

The Tube-Tech PE 1C is a passive, tube-based equalizer suitable for many different sources ranging from bass drums and guitars to vocals, and not least for giving full mixes that extra weight and shimmer. The equalizer features a Low Frequency section made up of two low shelf filters which can be combined to attenuate and boost at the same time. These filters are actually bit apart in frequency even if they are controlled by the same frequency selector, and if you find the Boost gives you too tubby a sound, the Attenuate knob will clear that up for you.

The High Frequency section has a peak and shelving filter working in parallel, which provides a smooth and bright top end while never becoming brittle or harsh.

The Tube-Tech PE 1C plug-in by Softube captures every nuance of the hardware version. It has an extremely analog sound which is evident as soon as you start using it. Every aspect of this studio standard, 25 years in the making, is now finally available as a plug-in.


Softube Tube Tech PE-1C Pultec Style Equalizer Plugin!!!

It goes on sale tomorrow! Introducing the Softube Tube-Tech PE 1C Equalizer---a Mac/PC Native/TDM plug-in recreation of the venerable Tube-Tech hardware. Like Softube’s last Tube-Tech offering, the CL 1B Compressor, the new PE 1C was designed in tandem with Tube-Tech to ensure that the plug-in faithfully duplicates the extraordinary sound, functionality, and quality of the...

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What vocal mic did you use today was the perfect match for her voice. I ran it into a Brent Averill Enterprises Neve 1272 preamp, Tube Tech PE 1C and a Manley ELOP and into PT through a Cranesong HEDD 192. In the mp3 snippet you can hear part of a raw vocal track with the reverb that was running while...

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Sony c100, the Neumann u87 killer?

...sibilance but its so sensitive that it still sounds great. Yeah maybe I'll plan the Tube Tech Cl 1B or a Tube Tech PE 1C within the next 1-3 years. But for now I'm good with my Apollo Twin X. so test within the next hours.

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