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Trident A-Range

Softube Trident A-Range
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It is sometimes said that one of the disadvantages of digital mixing and recording is that the happy accidents one could experience with analog gear just don't happen in the DAW. People saying that clearly haven't tried Softube's Trident A-Range equalizer.

Because the Trident A-Range is not only a tremendously nice sounding and highly characteristic equalizer. Its four frequency bands also have a way of integrating in sometimes rather unpredictable ways. More often than not you will find that the equalizer ends up giving you something even better than you may have expected when you made a certain setting. In this sense, the Trident A-Range is more of a musical instrument than a strictly scientific tool. We think this is one of the major reasons it has been used on so many great classic rock albums and why it's still one of the most coveted pieces of audio equipment around.

Only thirteen A-Range consoles were ever built, and the Softube plug-in version is a very exact model of channel 15 of the Trident A-Range at Sweet Silence Studio 'B' in Denmark. This is producer Flemming Rasmussen's favorite channel for recording lead vocals. Flemming also used it for the solo and rhythm guitars on Metallica's "Ride The Lightning" and "Master of Puppets", as well as Ritchie Blackmore's guitar on the Rainbow albums "Difficult to Cure" and "Bent out of Shape".

The A-Range channel features four bands of equalization plus high and low pass filters. By driving the console hot, it is possible to get it to distort with a hairy and effective saturation that is just right in some situations, and just wrong in others! We added a separate Saturation control to let you choose easily. Turn it down for clean (and less CPU draw), and up for the sound of a Trident A-Range hard at work.


Softube introduces Trident A-Range EQ

You gotta be kidding... I beta-tested this Softube Trident A-Range emulation, and it's just "perfect". It even features saturation modeling, from the original circuits of the A-Range. A faithful feature that the UAD version has not, so PLEASE stop talking about things you don't know and even have not tested. I have nothing against UAD and I'm glad...

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Silo SoundLabs Releases Trident Audio Plug-ins

Aslo: Slate EQs, Sonimus Burnley and Softube Trident uses the same or much less amount of cpu, no cramping, WITH harmonic saturation modeled. This whole "debate" got really out of hand. I was just merely pointing out with proper tests that there is no harmonic saturation modeling going on in the plugin, contrary to what...

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Which 1081-eq clone w/pultecs for mixbus?

...on the aml 1073. - Pair of Trident A-range 500 series eq - I really liked the sound of the Softube A-range, and a lot of albums I really like in tone were recorded on A-ranges. Not sure how much of the sound is in the eq w/o pre, the channel strip is super...

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