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Slate Digital VTM (Virtual Tape Machines)
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Effect, Saturation, Analog, Tape Emulation

Modeled on tape machine types: 2" 16-track and a 1/2" mastering deck
Two tape formulations
Two tape speeds: 15 ips and 30 ips
Noise reduction control and auto mute
Wow & Flutter control
Bass alignment control
Normal, Low & High Bias settings
Level Calibration
VU ballistics
Grouping control
Settings global or per channel
Tape reels start and stop in sync with your DAW's transport

You'll need an ILok2 dongle to run this.


So I Compared Some Tape Machines and Emulations (No Blind Tests, just Data!)

...well-kept tape machines I could get my hands on. The participants in the study were: Slate Digital Virtual Tape Machines, Toneboosters ReelBus, U-he Satin with tape machines: Otari MTR-12 and Otari MX-5050Bii. The Study I know there’s been a lot of blind testing comparisons between tape machines and their emulations. In my humble opinion, there’s a...

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IK Multimedia releases T-RackS Tape Machine Collection for T-RackS 5

Demoed it and will have to pass. Granted I have an older Mac but Softube Tape and Slate VTM work fine (even multiple instances). I just placed the stereo models on my master buss on a very small project and got nothing but stutter. Maybe in a few years when I upgrade my hardware and IK...

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Slate Digital FG-2A

The real rarity is a sale on things that came out after the sub started. I’d venture to say most Slate/perpetual license holders have had VTM and VCC for a long time.

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