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Shure SM98
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The SM98 is a miniature electret condenser microphone with a unidirectional (cardioid) pickup pattern. A smooth wide frequency response from 40 to 20,000 Hz allows the microphone to be extremely well adapted to pick up all kinds of musical instruments. A detachable 4.6m (15 ft) cable with Switchcraft Tini Q.G. connectors and a battery or simplex (phantom) powered preamplifier are supplied with the microphone. A windscreen is provided for outdoor use, and a swivel adapter is supplied for conventional microphone stand or goose neck mounting.
The unidirectional pattern of the SM98 discriminates against sounds coming from the rear, permitting higher gain before feedback in sound reinforcement applications. Because of its uniform cardioid pattern extending out to 20,000 Hz, the microphone can be used for pickup of a particular instrument in an ensemble or orchestra, minimizing the need for isolation booths or barriers. A very high maximum sound pressure level allows use of the SM98 with all acoustic instruments including drum kits and other percussion as well as brass, reed, wind, string, and keyboard instruments. The SM98 can also be used
with amplified guitars and keyboards.
The low-distortion, high-clipping-level preamplifier provides switch-selectable Flat or Low-Cut response to suit pickup characteristics needed for various instruments. The Low-Cut position is also useful when it is necessary to filter out low-frequency noise from such sources as wind noise or air conditioning equipment.
The SM98 is powered either by two readily available 9-volt alkaline batteries (300 hours continuous battery life) or by an 11-to-52 Vdc simplex (phantom) supply from sound reinforcement, recording or broadcast equipment.
The preamp is designed so that the battery supply will automatically switch in should the simplex power fail.
However, no battery drain will occur as long as the simplex voltage exceeds the battery voltage.
A series of optional accessories is available designed exclusively for use with the SM98. These include the following: A98MK Drum Kit, a gooseneck holder for mounting the microphone directly on most drums; A98-G18, an 18-inch gooseneck for mounting the microphone on a podium, table, or desk; A98HA, a hanging adapter permitting the microphone to be suspended from above; and A98PF, a pop filter and locking collar kit, allowing the SM98 to be used for speech or vocal pickup.


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