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Shure Level-Loc
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The "Level-Loc" Audio Level Controller is basically a
low-noise preamplifier with unity gain from the microphone
level input to the microphone level output or
60 dB of voltage gain from the high-impedance microphone
level input to the auxiliary level output. The
input and microphone level output contain matching
transformers so either high- or low-impedance operation
may be selected. In addition, a high-impedance
auxiliary output is provided capable of driving any
high-impedance amplifier, mixer or tape recorder input
requiring 1 volt or less. This preamplifier has the additional
capability of reducing its gain as the input
signal increases, thereby holding the output signal
constant. After a predetermined input level threshold
is reached the output level is "locked", that is, it
remains constant even if the input signal increases
by as much as 100 times (40 dB). This reduction in
gain, which results in a constant output level, is
obtained without introducing significant distortion or
transients into the program material. The DISTANCE
SELECTOR switch determines the input level at which
gain reduction (Level-Loc action) begins.


dirtiest compressor alive?

Shure Level Loc, Altec 436(although a cleaned up one might not be dirty enough)A+R Expressor. or run the signal to distortion thru a tube pre, then hit your limiter. i think I have an old Biamp quad limiter than can ruin anything. stuart

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SILIKA: Kush's latest compressor NAILS the analog useful it could. I could basically use it also as a - far more versatile and nice sounding - Shure Level-Loc. The ability to saturate and compress to taste is pretty cool and handy when mixing in the box. Now, will I buy it ? Probably, although I haven't decided yet. I still feel that in...

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Acustica Audio intros Diamond Transient: the easiest-to-use, punch-packing suite signed Studio DMI

A perfect example is Tchad Blake's use of the Shure Level Loc. A cheaply made unit he uses to distort drums that has become so popular it is now expensive to buy second hand.

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