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Shure KSM27
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Superb recording quality and professional flexibility

The Shure KSM27 Studio Microphone is a side-address condenser mic with a cardioid polar pattern. Designed for studio use, yet rugged enough for live applications, the KSM27 has an externally biased, 1" ultrathin, gold-layered, low mass Mylar diaphragm to provide superior transient response. An extremely low self-noise level and selectable frequency response deliver superb recording fidelity no matter what the source.
Requires phantom power.
Externally biased condenser
Cardioid pattern
20Hz-20kHz frequency response
150 ohms impedance
15dB attenuation
Selectable frequency response: flat; -6dB/octave below 115Hz; -18dB/octave below 80Hz
14dB self-noise
138dB maximum SPL (133dB attenuated)
81dB signal-to-noise ratio


Pictures Of Mic'ed Up Drum Kits In The Studio

heres my setup from the other day..... Kick-D112(in), Lawson 47fet Clone(Out), Sub kick Snare- Shure unidyne DY 45g(Top), Shure KSM 27 Hat-Shure SM7 Toms- ATM25s OH- Shure KSM44s Room- Gefell UM92s

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Is a high-quality mic a waste of money without a great preamp?

We would really need to heard the raw recordings to see whether it is the mic, your mixing choices, or actually a very dull-sounding room, which often happens when people treat drum rooms incorrectly. Before you start spending money, post some examples; every time someone's done that in this kind of thread it becomes apparent what...

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Is a high-quality mic a waste of money without a great preamp?

...big mics and pres and whatever else. Rent a hall or a church and record drums there ... Those poor KSM27s are like chicken in a cage. Spread them further away, you can not apply that technique for overheads in a room like that (or even in the greatest hall just my opinion on...

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