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Shadow Hills Industries Mono GAMA
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The Mono GAMA is the single-channel API 500 Series version of the Golden Age Microphone Amp, with all the capabilities, features, and quality of the original. The Shadow Hills Mono Gama is centered around our custom discrete op-amp. This no-compromise design exudes hugeness, fidelity, punchiness and depth, across the full frequency range, without becoming veiled or choked.

The preamplifier input is transformer balanced and utilizes an original Jensen input transformer. We couldn't decide which vintage output transformer we liked best, so we had our favorites perfectly recreated, and included them all. You can change the output transformer by cranking the knob, thus changing the tonal capabilities to compliment to whatever material you are recording. This allows you to audition different settings to find the perfect match for microphone or direct input without patching and un-patching other preamps, and possibly alleviating the need for EQ. Choose between Nickel, Discrete, or Steel settings. Each transformer position is stellar unto itself, but the capability of switching between them is like having three great pre's in one.

All the standard Mic-pre features are present: phantom power, phase reverse, a twenty dB pad, and direct input. We have also included the ability to pad and reverse the phase of the Direct Input.

Quality is unmatched. Engraved front panels, a twenty four position swiss made attenuator for gain control, custom made knobs, and engraved serial number plates, set the build apart.


Superb sound quality and character
Switchable output transformers
Stepped attenuator for gain control
Phase reversible and padable DI
Engraved front panels
75 ma current draw per module


assemble a channel strip for 500 series !!

i would some advice to put together a channel strip for the 500 series... i need it to be the most versatile possible. my actual idea is based on: PRE: shadow hills mono gama EQ: great river harrison 32eq COMP : api 525 please feel free to give your suggestion !

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Shadow Hills Website codes

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