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Prophet 10

Sequential Circuits Prophet 10
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The Prophet-10 was essentially two prophet-5 synthesizers combined into a single instrument. It offered 10-voice analog polyphony, a dual-manual keyboard, and cassette interface for patch storage and loading. It also included a powerful polyphonic sequencer that was capable of storing up to 6 separate sequences and a total of 10,000 notes.
The Prophet-5 was the world’s first fully-programmable polyphonic analog synthesizer. It was also notable for being the first musical instrument with an embedded microprocessor. It was in production from 1978 to 1984 and was embraced by musicians of every genre. The Prophet-5 set the standard for programmable poly synths. Even today, virtually all poly synths can trace their designs back to this ground-breaking instrument.


New Sequential Prophet 5 and 10

Wow this is incredible! Looking forward to Prophet 10. Thank you, Mr Smith.

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New Prophet 5 / 10 rev4 dark tone issue (SOLVED!)

...cause of the fault and means to fix it. I've pasted a public note from Dave below. Prophet 5 / Prophet 10 hardware tweak "As some users have noticed, there is a drop in high frequencies on the current units in the field. I checked into it yesterday, and I’m highly embarrassed to say that...

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New Sequential Prophet 5 and 10

...have less gain level for each voice to avoid distortion when all voices are playing at once. By that token the Prophet 10 should in theory also sound more tame than the Prophet 5. Whether the difference is perceivable or not I guess is another question.

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