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The MD 441 is an accurate and versatile dynamic microphone. It has a nearly textbook perfect super-cardioid pattern, a five-position low frequency contour switch, a two-position high frequency switch, a critically damped internal shock suspension, and a hum bucking coil. Perfect for vocals and virtually every instrument.

There are various versions, which sound simular across the range. The microphone was first produced in 1966 and is still in production at Sennheiser. The electronics (passive preamp originally using a inductor and transformer) have changed, instead the capsule design has remained.
The one with a Tuchel (large or small) connector is designated as the MD 441-N model, while the XLR version is the MD 441-U. Early large Tuchel (Großtuchel) models were called MD 441-1 and MD 441-2 There's also a black version manufactured in the eightties, called the BF 541 Blackfire.

Excellent feedback rejection
Excellent sound quality
Spring capsule mounting provides low sensitivity to handling noise
Hum compensating coil
Five position bass roll-off switch
Brilliance (treble boost) switch
Integral pop filter


Pictures Of Mic'ed Up Drum Kits In The Studio

...which is a deep Slingerland marching drum from the early 50's. Snare: AKG c414 in hyper cardioid/20db pad Kick: AKG D12 Toms: Sennheiser 441's Overheads: old Gefell UM70's Kit, around 4 feet in front of the drums: Bruno Ribbon (RCA-ish) All close mic's go through Neve 34128 mic pres in our 5465 console, with no EQ except for the...

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Today in the studio... (photo upload thread)

...the kitchen iso room. That's a Bock 251 mic on the bass. Te drums have Peluso P12's for overheads, Sennheiser MD441 on snare and EV RE16 on bottom/shell snare. Royer 121 on Hats, RE20 on kick, Pelsuo TR14 tube ribbon on rack tom, ATM25 on floor tom. Keyboard recorded direct and midied for...

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Do everything mic +/- $500

A used Sennheiser 441 would be one ideal selection as per your stated goals and budget. A new Beyer M201 might also work well for you. Both dynamics of course, which means little to no self noise, among other attributes (environmental stability, no phantom power issues, typically better durability, "smoother" tone, less ambient noise pickup, etc.) Be...

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