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MD 421 N

Sennheiser MD 421 N
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The Sennheiser MD 421 N is a dynamic microphone suitable for both recording and on the stage. I have used it primarily in the studio, but would definitely work well in both applications as it is sturdy and is overall a great dynamic microphone. Unlike later versions of the MD 421, it doesn't have the bass roll off. The silver/white shade of the microphone is also unlike other versions of the 421, which are usually black. The silver color has set this microphone apart to be recognized as a different version of the classic 421 microphone.


what can I do with 9000$?

...co2 3 x shure sm 57 4 x shure sm 58 1 x shure beta 58 1x T.Bone RB-500 (ribbon) 1x shure beta 57 1x sennheiser md 421 N (vintage) 1x sennheiser md 421 II Instrument: bassdrum Mapex Orion classic 22”x16” Tom Mapex Orion classec 10”x8” Tom Mapex Orion classic 12”x10” Tom Mapex Orion classic 13”x11” Tom MApex Orion classic 14”x14” Tom Mapex Orion classic 16”14” bass drum Tama...

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What's in your mic locker?

Horch RM2J Neumann Sm69fet Neumann Tlm 103 AKG C 414 B-XLS Mojave MA 200 Gefell M 582/62 (3x) Beyerdynamic M 160 Beyerdynamic M 260.80 (3x) Sennheiser MD 441 (7x) Sennheiser MD 421 N (2x) Beyerdynamic M 201 (2x) EV RE20

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Sennheiser MD421N and MD421-N

You got me there! My bust, I missed the connector differences, when I was looking at the wiring picture but missed the fine print.

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