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HD 800 S

Sennheiser HD 800 S
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A modern classic, Sennheiser’s reference class HD 800 headphones deliver sound that is as natural as possible and true in every detail. Improving on a seemingly perfect formula is not a task undertaken lightly, but Sennheiser’s engineers have succeeded in enhancing still further the sound reproduction in the open, circumaural HD 800 S.


Best mixing headphones!

...a few good headphones too, including several models of AKG and Sennheiser. I'm starting to wonder though. I now have HD800s, and I use them to check mixes. I've been finding mix problems that I didn't discover through my monitors, and most surprisingly the problems I find are all over the frequency spectrum,...

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...used to use in all their keyboard departments as demo monitors) and went straight into my “full range” Sennheiser HD800s off the Korg’s HP out. I was thinking that with the full frequency range the HS puts out, perhaps it was the Yamys that were giving off some bad upper frequency resonances, with their...

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Sennheiser HD800s or HD820 + Audio interface

I am looking to get some sennhesier hd800s or HD820 I will be using these to produce electronic music. 1- can I run these off a decent audio unit? I am currently using a Safire pro 24 to run my genelec 8040b monitors. Could I still use this? 2- would I be better off using the...

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