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HD 650

Sennheiser HD 650
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In the HD 650, audiophiles will experience truly unique natural sound. With sound this good, long concerts in the comfort of your home are a certainty, so the HD 650 also sets standards in comfort and convenience. The HD 650 is a genuine masterpiece, which will satisfy even the most demanding listener. HD 650 the Reference Class.. Sennheiser HD650 Features Top-of-the-range open, dynamic hi-fi stereo headphones Systems with narrow tolerances (+/-1 dB), hand-picked in pairs High-quality titanium/silver finish Specially developed acoustic silk for precise, uniform attenuation over the entire area Specially modulated connecting cable (detachable) made from highly conductive OFC copper, Kevlar-reinforced, with very low handling noise, i.e. low structure-borne sound sensitivity Extremely lightweight aluminium voice coils ensure excellent transient response Exceptionally comfortable to wear due to elliptical design adapted to the shape of the ears Can be directly connected to stationary hi-fi components of the highest quality, in particular SACD, DVD-A and CD players


Best mixing headphones! what I'm hearing so far. They don't give me as much detail in the mids as my Sennheiser HD650s, but they really let me hear whats going on with the high end on my mixes and the low end frequency response is they are more comfortable than the HD650s on my ears....

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Waves Audio and Abbey Road Studios Introduce the Abbey Road Studio 3 Plugin

This sounds quite good with Sennheiser HD650 and Sonarworks in the chain as well. VERY speaker-like, almost too much maybe.. monitor options are also nice.

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Best mixing headphones!

...S4 measurements do correspond on both (on the sonarworks and OLLOs own measurements). There are loads of online measurements of the HD650. Compare those to the OLLO website's own HD650 measurement to have a feel for OLLOs graph smoothing. Seeing that even on their own OLLO measurements the HD650 is much flatter than either their...

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