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Sennheiser E902
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The cardioid e 902 is Dynamic cardioid bass instrument microphone with integral stand mount. Designed for deep frequencies such as kick drums, bass guitar amps, and tuba. Dampens mid-range to accentuate high-end and bass. Rugged housing.


Pictures Of Mic'ed Up Drum Kits In The Studio

really good sounding kit, recorded simply... i had a sennheiser e902 on close kick, a km184 on kick shell, beta 57 on snare, 421 on rack tom, d112 on floor tom, and C414s as overheads. worked out good.

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List your gear and show us your music!

...or the good old sm57 on a snare drum. Here is the setup: TLM103, nt2a, nt1000, md421, beta57, sm57 , beta91a, e902, rb100, sm7b, md441, e914, nt5, markbass preamp, komplete kontrol, octamic xtc, madiface fx, adam s3xh, avantone mixcubes, LPX Hope you guys like it!

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What mic is in your bass drum right now?

A friend has e902, and yeah, I do love it in kick. He has a big fat kick, and that mic captures the "size" of it better than most other mics. I probably should have gone with one of these instead of a new RE20, but I get so much more use on many...

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