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Sebatron vmp-4000e
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The Sebatron Valve Microphone Preamplifier has been designed to bring back that Classic tone to digital recording and multitracking. The VMP Series of preamplifiers from Sebatron is aimed at filling in the gap between ‘transparent’ amplification and ‘coloured’ or character preamplifiers. They can be driven lightly for pure, almost transparent sounds with just an edge of true valve tone or slammed into thick distortion, with a spectrum of colours available in between.


Tracking drums - what's the third flavor for my setup? (API, Daking, Sebatron, RME)

I've been following drum-focused GS threads (my main focus) for many years, and have recently added a Sebatron VMP 4000e after rave reviews for how well it works on drums. We got so excited about how great it sounds that we set up a shootout between it and our other preamps (API 3124, Daking...

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Advice for 4 preamp channels under $2.5k

I ended up purchasing a Sebatron vmp-4000e and am awaiting delivery. I will report back.

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4 Channel Mic Pre under $1200?

2nd hand Sebatron vmp4000e without a doubt.

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