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Sebatron vmp-2000e
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The Sebatron Valve Microphone Preamplifier has been designed to bring back that Classic tone to digital recording and multitracking. The Sebatron VMP series (Valve Microphone Preamplifier) is available in two channel (with or without VU) and four channel formats ... the vmp-2000e , vmp-2000eVU and vmp-4000e.All circuitry is High Voltage Discrete Class A for optimal headroom, wide audio bandwidth and maximum transient response. The valve Anode Voltage is approximately +300VDC.


Adding to the debt... Preamps.

I own an A Designs MP-2 and I've used the Sebatron vmp-2000e. I like them both. The A Designs is more of a high fidelity unit. The Sebatron is more of a medium to heavy color preamp.

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Help me pick a recording setup: Cranborne 500R8 vs interface + outboard vs console

The Warm stuff looks great. If I were starting fresh, personally I’d get a Louder Than Liftoff “Silver Bullet.” That would cover the bases for preamps(2 flavors! “A” and “N” including blending the 2), ~pultec(ish) EQ and filters. I’d put the rest towards mics, monitors and interface. If you got the budget tho, by all...

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500 series tube preamps, who owns one

Not 500 serie, but affordable super versatile tube pre : Sebatron VMP . quad versions VMP4000e, stereo VMP2000e, mono VMP1000e Sleeper pre, sweet sounding, big and 3D

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