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Sebatron Thorax
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Channel strip with preamp, EQ and compressor.


Yamaha n Series

...API Lunchbox with 512c, 560 eq and an RNC comp 2 - Pendulum Audio Quartet 3 - UA LA 610 4 - Sebatron Thorax stereo 9-10 - POD XT Pro Stereo 11-12 - Triton PRo CR A - Event ASP8 CR B - JBL LSR25P MIDI IN/OUT - Mixed Logic M24 and 2 sets of heaphones whew, gotta get it all set up and working!

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Post your "finished" demos here my boots" I finished recently. I recorded almost everything here through a stock Stellar CM5 into a Sebatron Thorax in my project studio, pedal steel by Nick Zala. Would appreciate any feedback, thanks, Pat The Pickled Onions - Rain In My Boots The Pickled Onions - Rain In My Boots by Pickled Onions |...

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What are the gear in this picture ?

...2500 - Moog Subsequent 37 - Roland JD-Xi (Limited edition) - Apogee duet 2 - KRK Rokit 8 - Akai MG614 tape recorder - Sebatron Thorax Channel there another picture of the studio - Roland JUNO-106 - Pedals ?

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