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Sebatron SMAC
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SMAC is a Stereo Musical Audio Compressor (or two channel mono) that uses optical gain reduction cells (two per channel or ‘dual-servo’) to perform quality transparent audio compression, peak limiting, and automatic audio leveling control.


HW Worth Owning for Mixing Hybrid?

So, you wouldn't have any experience with the Sebatron SMAC or Manley Elop(+) by any chance? I was looking at those for a solid way to pick up a dual mono/stereo opto, with the thought that I'd have something modern and solid for working out the dynamics, then adding color later if need be...

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Seeking preamp "ahah!" moment

...a nice preamp there it was! Ahaaaa!!!! I am a happy guy and am now eyeing off a Sebatron SMAC compressor. Thanks for all your help and input chaps.

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Recommend me a compressor for my drum bus

Check out the Sebatron Smac compressor. Two channel opto compressor with two types of stereo linking. Has a pump switch that makes it perfect for drum loops. Can go from subtle and transparent to smash heavy squashing.

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