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V7 X

sE Electronics V7 X
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Powerful. Natural. Focused.
The V7 X brings all of your instruments to life.
A supercardioid dynamic instrument microphone that lifts the sonic curtain in front of your sources, connecting listeners with your performance at a whole new level.

The sibling to the acclaimed vocal-oriented V7, the V7 X is a dynamic instrument microphone ideal for a broad range of instrumental applications - both in the studio and on stage. Its specialized capsule’s innovative aluminum voice coil and brand new acoustic design are specifically tailored for full-bandwidth instrumental reinforcement & recording, with a perfect balance of detailed highs and deep, ultra-powerful lows, allowing for use on nearly any source from electric guitar cabinets to brass instruments, snare drums to choir, and many more.


SE Electronics V7x

I recently picked up the new SE V7x instrument mic. I liked the sound of it on snare. I'm in the middle of wiring and treating my new room but I quickly recorded an SM57 and a Lewitt MTP 440 DM to compare. The snare is a Ludwig 6.5 Supraphonic with an aquarian...

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Critique my mic list

...alternative to the SM57, which I don't think really needs an alternative, it would be the SE V7 and/or the SE V7X. Just saw one of my guitar heroes using an i5 on a gig photo, oh well, it didn't work in my application. I think it's fine on snare drum though. The SM variants...

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