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CMC 64 Stereo Set

Schoeps CMC 64 Stereo Set
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When combined with a Schoeps capsule, the CMC 6 provides a flat, natural response with excellent protection from RF interference. The CMC 6 adjusts itself automatically from 12V to 48V depending on what the microphone amplifier is connected to, which is particularly handy for mobile recording where you're recording on battery power. The CMC 6 is a no-nonsense microphone body that uses symmetrical, transformerless, direct-coupled circuitry for premium sound. What you've got here is a CMC 6 microphone amplifier paired with an MK 4 cardioid capsule.

Schoeps microphones are among the most respected in the industry. Since 1948, Schoeps microphones have benefitted from innovative German engineering and an ongoing quest for transparency. Their unique designs and impeccable audio characteristics have earned Schoeps microphones a loyal following in classical music and audio for TV and film. With Schoeps microphones, any studio can bolster their microphone locker, adding mics that are not only sonically excellent but steeped in a rich history. When it's time to upgrade your rig, don't settle for microphones that fall short. Reach for Schoeps.


Need 2ch all around pre. BAE 1073MPF or NPNG DMP-2NW?

Need 2ch all around mic pre. My main mic - Brauner Valvet X and Schoeps CMC64 Stereo set. Usually I deal with flute violin, guitar, etc. But main thing - recording vocals and acoustic guitar. Lead vocal must be LEAD. What advise to buy? BAE 1073MPF or NPNG DMP-2NW?

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Matched Cables for Schoeps CMC-64

Hi i would appreciate the suggestions - i need a matched cables (3 to 5 m) for this stereo setup: Schoeps CMC-64 Stereo Set - Thomann UK I need high quality cables up to 600 dollars max. Cheers.

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$20,000 on Microphones and under warranty, so no used things. I seem to recall the total amount was around $20k. Neumann U87ai Schoeps CMC64 stereo set Josephson C42 MP stereo set Beyer MC930 stereo set Oktava MSP6 stereo set Royer R121 (x2) Beyer M160 (x2) AKG C414 XLII stereo set Shure SM57 (x4) Shure SM7B (x2) Sennheiser MD441 (x2) Sennheiser MD421 (x2) AKG D112 Electro-Voice RE20 Numerous recordings have been...

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