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Rupert Neve Designs RNDI
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The RNDI’s signature sound is the product of new custom Rupert Neve-designed transformers and class-A biased, discrete FET amplifiers. The carefully orchestrated union of these two elements is key to the RNDI’s unique response, delivering a powerful and vibrant direct sound capable of reproducing the full harmonic depth of basses, guitars, acoustic instruments, and professional line level sources. With portable, powerful, larger-than-life tone for your instrument and amplifier signals, the RNDI is truly the first standalone DI worthy of the Rupert Neve name.


Neve RNDI vs. Countryman Type 85

I have a Countryman Type 85; two actually. I've always liked it on bass, but I keep hearing how good the RNDI is. Talk me out of it. I have other things to buy :lol:

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Klark Teknik Pultec Clone - EQP-KT

...even when boosting to the max so this may be a good combination. The chain was US active Jazz bass > RNDI > Phoenix DRS-Q4 Mk2 > EQP-KT > and then I tried three compressors Purple MC77, KT-76, and KT-2A. All of them worked. 1176s gave me a bit more forward sound, whilst the KT-2A sounded...

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Which DI?

I think sweetwater has the best test I've seen. (I know it's years later, but I think it might benefit someone.) The RNDI and Reddi are special.

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