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Royer Labs SF-12
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The SF-12 stereo coincident ribbon microphone combines high quality audio performance with outstanding stereo separation and imaging. It is a modern ribbon design with no audible diffraction effects or cavity resonance. An SF-12 is actually two matched ribbon microphones placed one above the other; each aimed 45 degrees from center in the classic Blumlein configuration. The frequency response is excellent regardless of the angle of sound striking the ribbons and off-axis coloration is negligible.The SF-12 utilizes two 1.8-micron ribbons, each weighing approximately 1/3 milligram and producing superb transient response. The two ribbon transducers are magnet/pole piece structures that produce a wide, uniform frequency response with no substantial peaks or dips. The case is ingot iron and forms part of the magnetic return circuit, an effective system with low leakage flux which accounts for the relatively high sensitivity in a trim package. The SF-12's extension cable comes with a Y adapter that splits into separate 3-pin male XLR connectors labeled "Upper" and "Lower," for the upper and lower capsules of the microphone (when held vertically).Royer Labs SF-12 Features True stereophonic (Blumlein and M-S) recording from one microphone. High SPL capabilities. No internal active electronics to overload or produce distortion up to maximum SPL rating. Extremely low residual noise. Ribbon element not affected by heat or humidity. Absence of high frequency phase distortion. Equal sensitivity from front or back of elements. Consistent frequency response regardless of distance. High efficiency, matching toroidal transformers. Very low magnetic leakage. Royer Labs SF-12 Specifications Acoustic Operating Principle: Electrodynamic pressure gradient Polar Pattern: Symmetrical figure-8 Generating Element: 1.8-micron aluminum ribbon Frequency Response: 30-15,000 Hz +/- 3dB Sensitivity: > -52 dBv Re. 1v/pa Output Impedance: 300 Ohms @ 1K (nominal) Rated Load Impedance: >1500 Ohms @ 300 nominal impedance Maximum SPL: >130dB Output Connector: Male XLR 5 pin (stereo*) Dimensions: 206 mm L X 25 mm W (8" L X 1" W) Weight: 369 Grams (13 Oz) Finish: Matte Black Chrome, Dull Satin Nickel (optional)  


Pictures Of Mic'ed Up Drum Kits In The Studio

...Beyer M160 - UA 2108 Toms - Shure Sm98 - API 3124 Overs - AKG 414 - Daking 52270 / or Royer SF-12 Room - Royer SF-12 - DW FEARN VT-2 - EMI TG 1234

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Comparative samples from the $30K mic test session

Okey doke - drum roll.......... Mic 1 is the Royer SF12 Mic 2 is the AEA R88 Mic 3 is the AKG C426B in Blumlein Mic 4 is the Sennheiser MKH30s in MS Mic 5 is the Samar V373A Mic 6 is the Schoeps CMC62's Mic 7 is the Schoeps CMC64's Mic 8 is the Schoeps CMC621's Hope you all enjoyed this as...

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What's in your mic locker?

...Neumann UM57  Neumann U67 (Max Mod)  Neumann U87 (Klaus Heyne Mod)  Neumann TLM193 (2)  Royer R121  Royer SF12  Sennheiser MD421U5 (3)  Sennheiser MD409U3  Shure SM57 (4)  Shure SM7B  Soyuz 013 Tube (2)

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