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Royer Labs R-121 Studio
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The award-winning R-121 is our flagship microphone; the world's first radically reengineered ribbon microphone and the model that reintroduced ribbon mics to engineers around the world. We did away with the large, heavy, fragile "classic" approach to ribbon microphones and went in a completely new direction. The R-121 gives all of the warmth and natural sound that experienced engineers have long turned to ribbon mics for, but in a compact, light-weight, high output and tough-as-nails package that was unheard of in a ribbon mic before the R-121. In its 10+ years in the market, thousands of R-121's have been sold around the world and it's well established as a standard for tracking electric guitar and brass.

The R-121 redefined ribbon microphones so completely that Recording Magazine wrote "...the Royer R-121 is destined to become one of the classic microphones of the 21st century."

Like many of the best classic ribbon mics, the R-121 has a figure-8 pattern, output level comparable to a dynamic mic, and a warm, realistic tone and flat frequency response. But that's where the similarities end. By using advanced materials and a blend of cutting edge and old-school, hand-build construction techniques, the R-121 is an extremely versatile and user-friendly ribbon mic that can stand up to the most demanding tasks. Cranked up electric guitars, close up brass, drums - you name it, the R-121 will help you record it with realism you have to hear to believe.


This Mic Package is being sold for $2k - good deal?

So which deal? Royer at 1295? Why not buy it new for the same $1295 at bh Royer Labs R-121 Studio Ribbon Microphone R-121 B&H Photo Video (I hate that store, but its a legit well known store) The MD421 are pretty on point price wise though... As for the rest of the mics, Id get...

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Mic ID

...not able to see closely enough to tell, but they appear to me to be either Royer 121 mics Royer R-121 Studio | Sweetwater, or RM BIV1 mics and YouTube. They both look quite similar. The Royer mics have the "fins" while the RM BIV1 mics do not. To my eyes, the...

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