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909Day: New Roland products to be announced.

Surely the boutiques are aimed at hipsters... hipsters with tiny hands. I just hope Roland have ensured the mic on the VP-03 is beard ready.

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Behringer VP 330 Vocoder clone

The VP-03 is only 4 voices poly, right? That limitation really makes the product totally uninteresting. I hope Behringer's build doesn't have that kind of limit. I would like a new divide down instrument. But I think I would prefer an RS-505:

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What's in your digital synth collection

Below is a my list: * Alesis QSR * E-MU Proteus FX * Kawai K1m * Korg 05R/W * Modal Electronics Argon8M * Roland Aira SYSTEM-1m * Roland Boutique JU-06A * Roland Boutique SH-01A * Roland Boutique VP-03 * Roland D-5 * Roland JV-880 * Waldorf Blofeld Desktop Shadow Edition

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