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The SH-01A is a meticulous reproduction of the iconic Roland SH-101, one of the most popular classic synthesizers of all time. Our Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology reproduces the SH-101’s legendary sounds by faithfully recreating the actual behavior of the original analog circuits, right down to the fine details and odd quirks that have endeared the synth to musicians and producers for decades.


Sounds of the classic SH-101 synthesizer via ACB tech, including bass, lead, noise, and sound effects
New Unison, Chord, and four-voice Polyphonic modes expand on the original’s iconic sound palette
Built-in sequencer with 64 patterns available to save and recall
Easy performance arpeggiator with three playback modes, note hold, and three-way transpose switch
CV/Gate output for controlling modular or vintage gear
Multiple sync options including internal and external MIDI, MIDI via USB, LFO clock, and trigger input
64 writeable preset patches for increased performance capabilities
Selectable advanced LFO with new waveforms and extended range of clock rate
Sends and receives MIDI control change messages via traditional MIDI jacks or USB
High-quality construction with metal front panel
Highly portable for mobile music making
Battery-operated (4 x AA) or USB powered
Compatible with the K-25m Keyboard Unit and other optional Roland Boutique accessories
Available in limited-edition red and blue colors like the original SH-101


Behringer MS-101 Analogue Synthesizer

...mod slider left up, obviously the dude has never played with a real 101. but now i'm looking at my tiny SH-01A, and thinking "you gotta go" and hello MS-101. actually the OG does go for crazy money, i have seen folks asking 1K+ for 101's, but now they may drop in price. Would...

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Behringer Pro 1

...more solid than the OG 101. And I think it also sounds great, though I will stick to my SH-01A as it has the benefit of 4 voices. The VC-340 is truly brilliant - both the strings/choir and vocoder - I have one on pre-order. Also messed with their 808/909 clones and they did sound...

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Ebtech Hum Eliminator.. any signal degradation?

...Eliminator? A line level to line level transformer? I bought the HE-8 and it solved my ground hum issues with an SH-01A and a Minilogue XD which had hum noise when connected to my MacBook via USB.

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