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he MC-505 Groovebox builds upon the successful MC-303 as a self-contained, retro-styled dance music sequencer and sound module with powerful new sounds and realtime controls. New features include the revolutionary D-Beam light-sensing controller and a MEGAMix function for intuitive realtime pattern mixing.

Professional Groovebox featuring high-performance sound engine: 64-voice polyphony, steeper multi-mode resonant filters, front-panel ADSR envelope controls
Revolutionary D-Beam controller allows for effects and sound/note control via hand movement over infrared light beam
714 onboard dance music patterns developed by cutting-edge sound designers worldwide
512 built-in sounds and 26 rhythm sets, including the latest dance, hip-hop and techno music sounds and classic drum and synth sounds (TB-303, TR-808, JUNO, Jupiter, etc.)
Three independent, synchronizable effects processors with powerful new effects
Onboard arpeggiator
MEGAMix function allows for intuitive pattern creation by combining rhythms and parts of one pattern with another
Enhanced MIDI implementation, powerful sequencer section with increased note storage, multiple outputs (3 stereo/6 mono), new assignable part Mixer sliders
SmartMedia slot accepts external 2MB and 4MB SmartMedia cards for unlimited pattern and patch storage and direct pattern playback


Roland's MC-505. What?? Yeah I'm talking about the MC505. What's your opinion?

when the MC-505 was still available new, it was one of the most derided pieces of gear on forums such as this. yet at the same time, these serious musicians all loved their JV modules. this sentiment was incredibly stupid and aggravating but that's generally true of most people. you're right on all points though....

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Roland MC-707 & MC-101 Grooveboxes

My MC-505 had song mode with 50 song slots. It was easy to chain patterns up and create a full track. Didn’t all of the MC grooveboxes have this? The Yamaha grooveboxes did too. Why is it such a shock to you guys that anyone would want to program a complete Song on a...

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Roland MC-707 & MC-101 Grooveboxes

I don't know, it took me all day to make a project with 8 different synth sounds, this is why I say you need patience. But the result beats all the synths I tried before, including Loom, which I think it's a nice one but not available on Mpc standalone. Then man, it really depends on your...

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