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The M-1000 10-channel Digital Line Mixer is a 1U rackmount mixer designed to mix digital signals of varying sample rates. The M-1000 comes with four stereo S/PDIF digital inputs and a stereo analog input—all with 24-bit/96kHz sound quality—making it perfect for mixing electronic musical instruments and recording gear equipped with digital outputs. The M-1000 can even mix audio from a PC via its USB port. Word Clock is also provided, and multiple units can be linked for greater mixing power.


Oberheim Matrix 1000 firmware hacks

...have a Matrix 1000 and an eeprom burner. I have used the eeprom burner to read out the firmware of the M1000 as I wanted to fix that famous Env1 Sustain firmware bug, but while I'm at it I was wondering if there are any other useful hacks that could be applied to the firmware. Do...

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Oberheim Matrix 1000 PSU Fix guide

...and varnished well) Its also an issue that can (and does) increase over time, as is the case with the M-1000 PSU vibrating like crazy. There is no easy way to quiet that down if it’s happening and a metal clamp (like the often suggested TX81Z fix) doesn’t do much. The only solution is...

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Roland Fantom 6- 7 -8 have an MX-1 to test? Digital signal-path: Fantom-7 computer USB-out → MX-1 Aira Link USB port 1-to-S/PDIF OUT → Roland M1000 S/PDIF IN-S/PDIF OUT → Roland M1000 S/PDIF IN-USB → Komplete Audio Mk II S/PDIF IN-USB → USB port on iMac.

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