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The JX-3P is something of a hidden treasure – there is more to it than meets the eye. It came out about the same time as the venerable JUNO series, but represents a shift away from the traditional analog synthesizer interface and towards a less hands-on format. The JX-3P was mostly aimed towards players looking for those great stable Roland sounds of the time, but with immediate Preset-based access to them, and only the most basic and newbie-friendly of on-board controls to adjust them. (Note the space reserved on-board for holding sheet music in place.)

That is not to say this is a dumbed down synth, but rather, the digital technologies being explored by Roland at the time allowed for greater programability while simultaneously reducing the need for dedicated hands-on controllers per parameter - a path most synth manufacturers walked down during the eighties. This means that sliders and knobs were being phased out in favor of push-buttons, fewer sliders and a powerful programming interface tucked away “under the hood”.

The JX-3P shares the same great analog filters and VCAs as the JUNO and even the JUPITER series. Just like the JUNO, it’s a six voice polyphonic feeding digitally controlled oscillators (DCOs) through analog filters, envelopes and amps. However, the JX-3P has two oscillators per voice instead of the single osc. found in the JUNO synths, and while that does allow for greater flexibility, the onboard programming interface is a lot less fun and hands-on than that of a JUNO, no doubt contributing to the popularity the JUNO series enjoys over the JX-3P. You will need the optional PG-200 programmer if you want a real hands-on experience with the JX-3P.


Roland System 8

...often use a setup that is S8/SH2/Mars/100. Nothing says you *must* have the Jupiter-8 in Plugout Slot 1, or the JX-3P in Slot 3, or have the poly plugouts installed at all. Even the hardware lets you choose into which of the slots to put a poly plugout. You just can't do it more than...

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Gear Porn thread - pics of your slutty setups

Managed to reconfigure by mounting the MS101 on the desk, freeing up a slot above to the Juno for the JX-3P. Need to tidy up some wiring though.

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Roland Cloud

All great points. I am getting these to our engineering team for consideration. As always, posts like this are appreciated!

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