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The JV-880 is the rack-mount version of the JV-80 keyboard and features powerful multi-timbral capabilities combined with impressive sound editing capability, all in a 1U rack space. The immediate forerunner to the immensely popular JV-1080/2080, the 880 provides the same high quality sounds for which the entire JV line has come to be respected. And like its descendants, the JV-880's sampled waveform memory can be expanded (to 14 Mbytes) using Roland's series of SR-JV80 expansion boards and SO-PCM1 cards.

Editing sounds is done via the rotary encoder that lets you select parameters and set values at the touch of a button. When editing you can audition sounds right from the front panel by pressing the preview button. There are TVF (filter), TVA (amp), micro-tuning, and multiple LFOs. An onboard effects processor with various types of chorus, reverb, and delays rounds out the package.


I will never sell my JV 1080 again....

Sounds familiar. I have a jv880, I sold it once thinking I could replace it with software but I quickly bought one back. There's just something about it!

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February 2020 New gear thread

...that the originals had. The best I can compare it to is comparing my former Roland FA-6 to my JV-880 and JD modules (he’ll even my u220). Kind of like comparing an audio file to an MP3 or something as best as I can describe it. It sounds good but not the kind of...

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Roland SR-JV80-XX Expansion Board by WaveReX

All I did was tell a fellow Roland Rompler Enthusiast that the JV-880 sounds great and uses quality parts. Which was on topic for this thread about a new SR-JV card for use in synths like the JV-880 that take them Don decided to challenge that assertion. I deflected by stating since he works for...

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