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The Jupiter-8, or JP-8, is an eight-voice polyphonic analog subtractive synthesizer introduced by Roland Corporation in early 1981.

The Jupiter-8 was Roland's flagship synthesizer for the first half of the 1980s. Although it lacked the soon-to-be standard of MIDI control, later model Jupiter-8s did include Roland's proprietary DCB interface, and all of them sported advanced features and the ability to split the keyboard into two zones, with a separate patch active on each zone.

Features include adjustable polyphonic portamento and a Hold function for infinite sustain of notes and arpeggios. A versatile arpeggiator can be synchronized with external equipment by using the proprietary Roland DCB interface, clock input via CV jacks on the rear panel, or one of the aftermarket MIDI kits from Encore or Kenton. An assignable bender can be used to control pitch or filter frequency.

From the factory, the JP-8 could store 64 patches. Patches could be stored to, or loaded from, a standard analog tape/cassette. The Encore JP8MK MIDI kit doubles the patch memory to 128[1] and enables the JP-8 to store and recall patches over a MIDI connection, using a computer with sysex utility software.

The Jupiter-8 includes balanced stereo XLR outputs as well as unbalanced 1/4" outputs. In addition to monophonic and polyphonic modes, the Jupiter-8 includes a unison mode, in which all 16 oscillators can be stacked into a single monophonic patch.


Just bought a Jupiter 8, first thoughts.

I own a Jupiter 8, use it daily, and bought the Xm in hopes it would allow me to sell my SuperJX for it's pads. Sound wise, the Xm is very good, 90% there. The only thing it lacks next to a Jupiter 8 is the organics. I ended up returning...

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GS Myth: “I should buy a new analog because vintage synths are unreliable..

...those that aren’t in storage and currently live in the studio for daily use: Roland Jupiter 6 Oberheim OB8 MemoryMoog+ Roland Juno 60 Roland Jupiter 8 two Prophet 600s Guess what? They all work great, tune up perfectly and have never needed any service that I can’t do on my own Then nearly a year ago, in comes the Moog One...

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Behringer Pro 800

Check his other vids out. His Juno 6 and Jupiter 8 demos in particular if you like that P600 one . Plus his Roland and ARP history docs are peerless.

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