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The Roland Juno-60 is a popular 61-key polyphonic synthesizer introduced by Roland Corporation in September 1982 as a successor to the Roland Juno-6, which had been on the market since February that year. Like its predecessor, the Juno-60 is essentially an analog synthesizer with digitally controlled oscillators.

Roland was losing market share with the Juno-6 in competition against the Korg Polysix. Related in features and price-class, the Polysix featured programmable patch memory, which the Juno-6 lacked. Programmability and external control (via Roland's proprietary Digital Communications Bus (DCB)) were added to the Juno-6, which was then re-introduced as the Juno-60 (which sonically and architecturally did not change notably from its predecessor). Production of the Juno-6 ceased in August 1983.


Roland JU06A

...the second hand market asking 500 Eur + for them :facepalm: Now they give us a Juno 106 and Juno 60 in a box and these greedy guys will have a hard time selling their Ju06s even for the money they paid for them. Well played Roland :)

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GS Myth: “I should buy a new analog because vintage synths are unreliable..

...- of those that aren’t in storage and currently live in the studio for daily use: Roland Jupiter 6 Oberheim OB8 MemoryMoog+ Roland Juno 60 Roland Jupiter 8 two Prophet 600s Guess what? They all work great, tune up perfectly and have never needed any service that I can’t do on my own Then nearly a year ago, in comes the...

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Ensoniq LOVE!

...go of the P08, but it's not going to replace those magic sync/AM sounds of the SQ. Either the Juno 60 or SQ80 are going to have to go sleep in the closet for a while. Tough choice.

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