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The Roland Juno-106 is relatively simple in terms of its synthesis architecture. Nevertheless, the Juno-106 is still quite popular among musicians and producers due to the fast sound creation workflow of the hands on interface and its ability to produce rich basses, pads, PWM [ Pulse Width Modulation ] sounds and other distinct and desirable analog tones.

The central tone-generating component of the instrument is a set of 6 digitally controlled oscillators capable of producing sawtooth and square/pulse waveforms. The Juno is well known for its -24 dB/octave analog lowpass filter with adjustable resonance, which has been said to provide the Juno 106 with its distinctive rich sound, when combined with the tone of the MC5534 wave generation modules.

The instrument's VCA can be switched between simple note gating or envelope-controlled loudness with a switch. The same envelope can also modulate the filter's cutoff frequency, in normal or inverted polarity. The filter cutoff can also track the keyboard to allow high harmonics to be heard on higher-pitched notes.


New Roland Jupiter X / XM

I freely admit to being Roland fanboy (with a JDXA, Juno 106, Alpha juno, JP8000 and a few of the Boutiques ) and Im going to go against the trend: I like the X a lot. Its close to what Ive wanted Roland to make for years- up to date version of the...

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Behringer System 100 Modular Synthesizer

Continue to enjoy the sys 500 kfhkh I’m sitting here a few feet away from my wasp, ms20, system 100, juno 106, sh101, tr 808, 909, 606, 303’s and all got cloned. I decided that rather than get pissed off at behringer for cloning most of my gear, I embrace their releases, even buying some...

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Gear Porn thread - pics of your slutty setups

If I was picky about Behringer, the only alternative would be a Junior modded Juno 106: Yum yum. But such a thing would likely cost me more than six times as much as a Behringer, should it ever appear on eBay.

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