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The Roland D-50 is a polyphonic 61-key synthesizer produced by Roland, released in 1987. Its features include Linear Arithmetic synthesis, on-board effects, a joystick for data manipulation, and an analog synthesis-styled layout design. The external Roland PG-1000 (1987-1990) Programmer could also be attached to the D-50 for more complex manipulation of sounds. It was also produced in a rack-mount variant design, the D-550 (1987-1990), with almost 450 user-adjustable parameters.

The D-50's capabilities could be modified through the addition of 3rd-party products by Musitronics, most notably the M-EX which made the D-50 multitimbral (the D-50 was bi-timbral), as well as a chip that improved the D-50's response to incoming MIDI commands and a system for burning custom PCM cards with user samples for playback in the D-50.


Roland Cloud

...thousands of patches manually. so the favorites option choice is the most sane to me. I should use JV-1080 and D-50 cloudies ones mostly, since I own the real thing a XV-5050 (kinda lot of 1080 banks) and a D-550, so I am familiar with the sounds of each one, what makes...

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New korg wavestate...

pretty much what roland should have done with the d50 instead of offering it in an even smaller and equally miserable interface. this looks like full size keys as well. or is it the "slim" like on the minilogue?

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SYNTHS OF ANUNNAKI FOR KONTAKT! Made with CS80, Moog One, Studer A80...

...on that path and also add some other synths and sample them for you Made with YAMAHA CS80, MOOG ONE, ROLAND D50, STUDER A80, LEXICON 224 & AKAI S1000 You will get 13 amazing sounding analog synth sounds Here is the trailer video: We made an EP Demo (8Tracks) from some of the presets: (Every preset is a different...

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