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Roland Chorus Echo RE-301
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Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo


-You can freely combine each of chorus, echo and reverb effects to produce varied effect sound
-Sound on sound effect is possible, which enables duet by a single instrument by doubled performance by reproducing input sound 10 - 30 seconds later or adding another effect sound
-Twin output system is employed to enhance chorus effect, sound dispersion, and echo effect, which assures rich acoustic effect and stereophonic feeling
-Wow and flutter is minimized by use of free-running system, which also serves to extend the tape life over 300 hours


Roland Tape Echoes (re-201, re-301..)

...the roland chorus for pads etc.. Hope you can help me out. this page had some helpful information Roland Tape Echoes RE-201, RE-301, RE-501, SRE-555

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Gear list "Under the Sun"

...Altiverb room. The Blinds Cage Feat Beans - This is a Combo of Minimoog and Arp Odyssey. Into A Roland RE-301 for Echo, GBS spring reverb. I can't remember what Organ it was (Owned by Martin Barre from Jethro Tull). It had drum sounds on it, it was a quirky Hammond from the 70s. Vocal...

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Let's talk delay - Outboard or Pedals only!

Moonwhistle that box is beautiful man. Almost as pretty as my RE-301 gooof Really though, sexy box. How does it sound?

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