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Roger Linn Design Adrenalinn
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The AdrenaLinn is a digital multi-effects unit with a drum machine and amp modeler all in one, designed by Roger Linn with some help from Dave Smith (credited with helping to conceive MIDI) and Tom Oberheim (designer of early analog synthesizers). Most notably, unlike other guitar pedals, the AdrenaLinn specializes in beat-synced effects, including modulation and delay but also a sequencer that provides looped patterns of filtered tones, all moving in sync to its internal drum machine or to midi. The drum section can also be affected by the filter section, allowing dance-style beats. Other unusual aspects of this pedal include note-triggered filter effects such as auto-wah, simulated talk box and guitar synthesizer sounds. The AdrenaLinn technology was also the basis of Roger Linn's partnership with M-Audio to create the Black Box guitar multi-effect and recording unit.


Adrenalinn III and Reliability

I get the impression that the Roger Linn Adrenalinn III is cheaply made and unreliable. Can anyone share experiences you've had with the III or previous units?

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Shout Out To Roger Linn

...I contacted Roger Linn Design support email to see if I could get some knobs for my 15 year old Adrenalinn pedal. I sent them an email at around 7:30 PM and received a response back within 5 minutes... from Roger Linn himself! He said I could buy them through his website. I did...

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