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NT5 Matched Pair

Rode NT5 Matched Pair
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The RØDE Matched Pair of NT5 Mics are very sensitive and will give you very accurate sound reproduction. The NT5 is a true condenser mic specifically designed for optimum instrument recording. It performs well on all instruments including guitar, flute, violin, saxophone, drums, etc. Its compact size and design allow for effective and subtle positioning, which is crucial when close miking. NT5's are supplied as closely matched pairs. The package is shipped as a matched pair and includes a custom case, 2 RM5 standmounts, and 2 WS5 windscreens.

  • True condenser microphone design
  • Designed for optimum instrument recording
  • Performs well on all instruments including guitar, flute, violin, saxophone, drums
  • Compact size and design allow easy close miking
  • Supplied as closely matched pairs
  • Package includes:
  • Custom case
  • 2 RM5 standmounts


More free stuff....let's do it again!

...and Nick for their awesome giveaways, and to Synthline for his genuine heroism kfhkhkfhkhkfhkh I already have a pair of NT5s, and have no use for a BigBen right now (what a prize though Justin, WOW man), so I'm not in it for the prizes, but I can share a story The last giveaway I...

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Are you making Money anymore?

I agree with a lot of this too - it's all about end goals. If your target is to be a successful artist - I wouldn't recommend this approach, it's not going to give as good results in either short or long term as hiring the experts. If your goal is entertainment, and self improvement - absolutely....

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flattest LDC's under $1000

NT3 has been a tough old bird for me. Good stage mic as well as semi-sparkly studio use. Preferred the NT5s to the new AKG 451s. But also prefer root canals to the 'new' 451s. Haven't tried the TF5s. If I understand the specs, seems each pair is hand delivered by Tony. But, due...

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