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Rode NT1
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The NT-1 is Røde's new version of their popular large diaphragm condenser microphone. The capsule is a HF6 low noise gold sputtered membrame. It has an an internal shockmount from Rycote built in. Self noise is only 4.5 dBA so the microphone is very precise. The grille is a nickel plated one, with an extra ceramic firearm coating, both the body and grille are scratch risistent. It comes with a "dual-Lyre" external shockmount (Rycote) and a stainless steel pop shield. .


A simple mod for the early Rode NT1 from Jim Williams

What would the capsule in the Oktava 219 be ??? Is that a K47 or K67 type or something else? Would that make an interesting match to the Jim Williams board? I have the opportunity to get a couple of 219s cheap and the main criticism of those mics seems to be the body...

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The music game isn't gonna be respected until everyone has the same chance.

...gear & an expensive acoustic environment. Show me a top 40 song made on a scarlet solo and a rode nt1 or anything that wasn't made on a $10,000-$100,000+ setup in this last decade or hell since the year 2000. and etc etc etc __________ There are a millions ways to make a good living in...

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Crackling when recording guitar amp with mic capsule distortion coming from the mic itself. Does it do it on both the 57 and say, the nt1? If it only does it on the condenser, then I’d say that’s your issue right there considering you’ve changed leads etc. Finally, sounds obvious, but is it just good old fashion clipping the input...

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