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Extremely portable FOH/Live Recording Rig

...hinged to the case to fold up. Mics: M88 (Kick/Brass/Bass/Guitar) Beta 56x3 (Toms) Beta 57x3 (Snare/Guitars/Toms) Beta 58x2 (Vocals) e906x2 (Guitars) Rode K2 x2 (Room/Overheads) C1000s x2 (Room/Overheads) Rode M1 (Vocals) - Have already. Plan is to expand with 8 money channels, external graphics, external comps, EtherSound Snake, on Stage remote preamps, more mics, 32 channels of active splitters, patchbay, MASS output to a...

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Does the Yamaha AGO6 work with Linux?

...interface so that I can eventually connect a DJ controller to it. I currently have a Rode NT1 and Rode M1 plugged in to that interface and plan to keep those. However, the only potential problem is that I'm currently using the AudioBox with Pop!OS, a Ubuntu-based Linux distribution, with ALSA, JACK, Pulseaudio and...

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Pick my Christmas present - Mic or Mic pre

...price. what would you get? Right now I have a Clarett 2 Pre USB , a Rode NT1A and a Rode M1 dynamic mic. I sing folk or folk rock type stuff. Jim

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