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Ayra 5

RCF Ayra 5
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AYRA 5 is a two-way reference studio monitor that is designed for near field applications, equally suited to your home recording studio. AYRA 5 features a high quality soft dome tweeter and a 5” composite fibreglass woofer.
The AYRA Series is optimized to deliver the best sound for a variety of applications. Whether you are working with a near field mix at your home studio, you need a clear and loud sound for your multimedia gaming or simply need some good monitors for your personal computer.

True active 35 W + 20 W class AB design
50 Hz – 20.000 Hz frequency response
Precision directivity tweeter waveguide
Fully featured input board
5" composite fiberglass woofer
1" soft dome tweeter
Reflection free front cabinet design
Low distortion reflex port


has anyone used RCF AYRA 5's????

right now, I am considering between 1) Yamaha HS50M 2) Tannoy Reveal 501A but someone just recommended me with RCF ayra 5. I do not see whole lot of review about those guys, and I am wondering how they are like... I am looking for monitors for good mixes, so someone please tell me if the arya's got the...

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has anyone used RCF AYRA 5's????

Hi, I know you were asking about the Ayra 5's but I thought I would reply anyway. I own a pair of Ayra 8's for my home studio which I mainly use for Dialogue editing, Foley Editing, Sound effects track laying & Sound design to picture for TV shows. They more than meet my...

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Adam A5X or Focal Alpha 65?

Hey folks! Currently I'm trying to decide about which monitor to buy. My room is pretty small, and I'm currently rocking RCF Ayra Five's (which I love, but I want to step up) and my room is treated with acoustic foam and bass traps. (I'd guess my room is about 15 m²) I'm thinking about buying the Focals,...

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