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Purple Audio MC77
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The MC77 Limiter

The MC77 recreates the audio circuitry of the revision E 1176, using modern components matched to the original.

Starting in 1997 Purple started making the MC76, an 1176 type compressor base on the D & E version units. (MC is 1100 in roman numerals) At the time the 1176 was not available from any manufacturer. Coming from the repair background it was clear a better built, more road worthy unit could be build and sold new for less than the 20+ year old units that were coming through the shop. After another manufacture brought an 1176 clone on to the market Purple introduced the MC77. The MC77 added new features that were lacking from the original. Thousands of units later Purple keeps its parts and build quality high. Using parts that will last decades. Have a look inside and see for yourself. Toroidal power transformer, the best interlocking switches on the market, conductive plastic potentiometers. Quality for longevity.


Testing Aliasing of Plugins (measurements) works and sounds good. My favorite right now. The knobs are reversed vs hardware but it doesn't sound awful. Brainworx Purple MC77. Brighter than a real 1176. Kinda gross and trash can sounding but it works. Goodhertz Faraday Limiter. Has built in lookahead. Cheating but it works and sounds good. U-he Presswerk. Lookahead and HQ makes...

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Testing Aliasing of Plugins (measurements)

The Arturia 1176 also has lookahead (plus driving the input naturally saturates in a way that clips extreme ice pick transients).

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Testing Aliasing of Plugins (measurements)

...doing this even before but just wanted who was the worst but it seems the vc 76, softube fet, pspfetpressor, purple mc77 do not have that click sound and someone did some comparison between the hardware and vc 76 and it was very close behaviour wise and almost sound wise but i think oversampling...

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