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If you had an empty lunch box, what would you fill it with?

...each card is cool) bae 312a punchy forward avedis 1122 opamp pad polarity phantom powerboing purple audio biz mic pre " Pressing the "Dual" switch splits the gain between two of our Class A opamps, enabling up to 75 dBu of clean gain", or single mode and has output control for...

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500 series must have modules

Yeah, I've had two for 5 years or so. They never get used much anymore. :lol::lol: BTW Tony, they sound very different than the CAPI pre's. At least to me they do....

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Purple audio vs. Capi vs. Focusrite

Three contenders in the 500 series mix preamp department, all going for less than 500 on reverb right now. My other thread died so I’m making one with a more concise purpose. Focusrite red 1 for 420. Purple audio biz mk for 420. Capi vp26 for 290. What would Jesus do?

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