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Pulse Techniques EQP-1A3
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Pulse Techniques EQP-1A3 is a recreation of the classic Pultec EQP-1A that was made famous for its ability to give tracks massive lows with silky highs and amazing warmth. The Pulse Techniques EQP-1A3 is not an emulation of the original unit as it uses complete original specification components and is built in the USA without compromise or new 'enhancement'. The EQP-1A3 is a dead ringer of the original unit!

One thing that made Pultec's so famous was their ability to boost and attenuate frequencies at the same time which led to some amazing results on kick drums or any other application where added thump was needed without getting boomy.


New Pultec At AES Show this fall???

An EQP-1a3 just went for $4700 on eBay...hidz

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The Sontec 432 - The Holy Grail EQ - Price

...a unit because I couldn't afford the downtime. Wish I could. I owned a GML9500 for years and two Pultec EQP1A3's... All are gone except the Buzz Audio REQ2.2 with stock low end filters. Don't listen to anyone, use your own ears. No one else hears like you. Don't go along with...

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Pultec Shootout with Sound Samples

It’s silverface eqp-1a3

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