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PreSonus Firepod
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PreSonus Audio Electronics has designed the FIREPOD utilizing high-grade components to insure optimum performance that will last a lifetime. Loaded with 24-bit 96K converters, eight PreSonus microphone preamplifiers and Cubase LE 48-track recording software, the FIREPOD is ready to go out of the box for professional quality computer recording.


Kenny Gioia and Ethan Winer test converters

...someone else to volunteer a prosumer grade converter having at least 8 inputs. For example, the M-Audio Delta 1010, Presonus FirePod, or Behringer ADA8000. Ideally, you have a portable setup with a laptop, to avoid having to install sound cards and drivers onto Kenny's system. We'll split the mic'd and DI'd sources after the preamps,...

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Audio interfaces and their AD/DA chips LISTED

...AKM4396 NOVATION nio 2 | 4(CS4272,AK4394) PRESONUS Presonus Firebox ADC:AKM AK5384 DAC: AKM AK4358/ST Micro MC33078,33079 PreSonus FireStudio 26in26out(8in8out)AK5384 AK4358? PreSonus FIREPOD 10in10out(8in8out) AK5384 AK4358? MSR (monitor studio remote) for Presonus FireStudio WM8590GEDS Presonus Firestudio Mobile AD PCM4204 DA PCM4104 PRISMSOUND Orpheus A/D CS5381 D/A CS4398, Mic pre PGA2500, Line ins OPA2134, Line outs venerable...

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Sanity check, how would you spend 3500$ on microphones?

...****ty gear (behringer mixers, m-audio sound cards) and in college I'd rent gear record demos for my friends with a firepod and would rent preamps etc. Fast forward 10 years, I am an office job professional that makes decent money and want to just build a project studio where I don't feel like I...

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