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Amphion... Beautiful

Maybe... I still feel I might want more definition from the low end, maybe I do need the Two18.. $6100+ is a big tag for passives though, fighting a much more serious fight with PMC IB1s for my love then! Might just be the recording I'm working on too I guess!

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Genelec 8260 vs Barefoot Micromain 27s

...never stated that the speakers you mentioned wouldn't be full range. But IMHO 8260 is as full range as PMC IB1S.

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PMC Result6 vs ADAM A7X

...2 brand new ones for free. They're very quick to answer their emails. My old room had a pair of IB1S's and a few times clients would toast them after blasting music way too loud. They fixed them at no charge. Customer service is super important to me! Ok that's my 2 cents. I'm not...

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