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Band-in-a-Box® and RealBand 2020 for Windows are here!
We've added 50 features to Band-in-a-Box® 2020! There are a number of enhancements to the RealTracks (smoother sounding vocal RealTracks, RealTracks Thickening, "Find-a-Sub" RealTracks, and MultiRiffs). Most RealDrums now have RealCharts with accurate drum notation. There's a new RealTracks Artist Browser for searching information, bios, links and lists of RealTracks. The new Feature Browser allows you to easily find and use most features, hotkeys, and docs from a single window. The Equalize Tempo allows you to change a recorded rubato song to a fixed tempo. The audio time/pitch stretching is enhanced (Elastique included). And much more!

There are over 40 enhancements to the Band-in-a-Box® DAW Plugin that works directly inside your DAW (Cakewalk, Reaper, ProTools, PreSonus, etc.) to generate styles, RealTracks, RealDrums, Multi-Riffs, and more. These include Audio Harmonies, Customizing Tracks, Bar and Song Settings and more. Audio Harmonies, RealTracks sound improvements (gap filling, thickening).

202 new RealTracks for Band-in-a-Box® with great new Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Country and World styles.
69 Jazz, Blues, Funk & Latin RealTracks (Sets 329-336): The Jazz, Blues, Funk & Latin collection this year features a vast assortment of new RealTracks. We've added more amazing funk and fusion styles from legendary favorites Alex Acuna, Jeff Lorber, "Sput" Searight, and more (33). We have "RealTracks firsts" such as marimba and steel drum, playing over Latin "island" grooves (3). We've added a smokin' rhythm section of jazz & Latin drummer Wes Little and bassist Brian Allen playing over these and other Latin grooves such as Soca & Merengue (13). On the blues front, we've added blues from long-time RealTracks artist Sol Philcox (3), among others. And, a special treat for jazz students, or any musician who wants to improve their jazz chops, we have two special sets of RealTracks which were specifically designed to work great over "rhythm changes" and jazz blues, respectively (16). These sets feature superb musicians such of PJ Perry on sax, Oliver Gannon on guitar, Neil Swainson on bass, and Miles Black on piano. And, we also have sophisticated new bossa horn section styles (8) with options for a simple, elegant trio, or a melodic "lounge" horn section style.
66 Pop, Rock and World RealTracks (Sets 337-344): We have some amazing new pop, rock, and world styles with Band-in-a-Box® 2020. Our users have been requesting "Classic" rock guitar styles, both soloing and rhythm, and we've provided with three distinct sets, including blues-infused classic rock (8), "hazy" 60s hard rock (6), and psychedelic 70s & 80s guitar styles (9). Our "cinematic" guitar styles from last year were so popular, we've added a new set, this time a "cinematic metal" set (4) with both rhythm styles and a soloist. We've also added to our collection of vocal RealTracks with exciting gospel vocals (7). With these vocals, we have a 6-voice choir, with an improvised gospel part singing over the whole thing! That set also includes new RealDrums and piano RealTracks to go along with the choir. Our users have been requesting ska styles, and we've provided! We now have a set of ska styles (10) with drums, percussion, bass & electric playing over a variety of ska tempos and feels. For the singer-songwriters out there, we have a singer-songwriter set with lots of contemplative acoustic guitar and mellow banjo from Quinn Bachand (10) as well as mandola, 5-string fiddle and drums (3). And, we have some down-and-dirty blues-inspired baritone guitar from RealTracks favorite Brent Mason (8).
67 Country, Americana & Celtic RealTracks (Sets 345-352):The Country, Americana, and Celtic collection this year has added a beautiful variety of RealTracks. We have two sets of "Country Pollwinner" RealTracks, featuring musicians who have been awarded some of the most prestigious awards in the industry, such as the Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards. This includes RealTracks from guitarists Danny Rader (2) and Brent Mason (4) who have both won the CMA guitarist of the year, drummers Miles McPherson (1) and Fred Eltrington (3) who have won CMA drummers of the year, as well as renown bassists Steve Mackey (3) and Jimmy Carter (1) who are some of the busiest first-call bassists in Nashville! And we have new Country soloist RealTracks from Nashville greats (2). On the Celtic side of things, we have a RealTracks first: Jaw harp! (3) These styles provide a colorful addition to our previous Celtic styles, and also work equally well with Bluegrass and folk styles! Played by Canadian Celtic master guitarist Quinn Bachand, we also have some excellent new guitar and bodhran styles from him (12) which include 12-string guitars and nylon guitars. And we have several sets of "Old Time" Americana RealTracks, with mandolin, fiddle, and another RealTracks first: Banjo Guitar, or "Ganjo". This instrument is built like a banjo, but has 6 strings and is tuned like a guitar, and it also has a softer, more mellow tone, which gives you great versatility in Band-in-a-Box®! These "Old Time" styles were created with Nashville fiddle/banjo/mandolin great Andy Leftwich (22), Quinn Bachand on guitar (4), and Neil Swainson on bass (4).


can your daw software do this ?? i dont think so.

...n learn..might be usefull and save you tracking time. and help in song composition. listen after 3mins in. YouTube - Band-in-a-Box RealTracks - 3 of 3 or this... listen after 4 mins. YouTube - Band-in-a-Box "All That Jazz" RealTracks Sets 13-19 listen starting 30 secs in. listen to the metal lol..and bluegrass...around 4 min 30 secs....

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PreSonus releases Studio One 4

...pad controller. It seems that there are literally zero updates to anything other than the faux musician band in a box crap like the sampler/chord/drum editor... and enhanced Melodyne support that’s actually not deplorable until the summer... Depressing

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Software for creating chord progressions from midi melody?

Anyone know of any software? I believe Band in a box can do this - any experience? And any other software? Thanks

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