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Pendulum Audio Quartet
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The Quartet is an all-purpose recording tool designed with the ultimate in sound quality and flexibility in mind. We have combined four elements - Mic/DI preamp, Opto-compressor, EQ, and De-esser -into a fully integrated package that it makes it easy to track any source. In addition, the Mic/DI preamp, EQ and Compressor/De-esser are completely independent entities that can be patched out and used separately - a hand feature that makes it a valuable tool for mixing as well as tracking.

The Mic/DI preamp, borrowed from our acclaimed MDP-1, can handle mics, pickups, keyboards, or line-level signals. It features phantom power, input pad, phase reversal, and a switchable lo-cut filter. Independent gain and output controls permit overdrive of the tube stage to vary the harmonic content of the preamp.

The Opto-Compressor, derived from the popular OCL-2, uses our proprietary optoelectronic cell, and has a sound all its own. It can be used in one of four modes: Fast (for 'invisible' compression), Average (rms responding), a new Vintage mode (with program-dependent response), or full manual operation.

Our new 3 band tube EQ, a modifed Baxandall design, is simple but very effective. The HI and LO bands have up to ±10dB of shelving at 15, 10 and 7 kHz, and 50, 100 and 200 Hz respectively. The MID band has a broad ±10dB peaking response centered at 0.7, 1.6, 2.2, 3.3, 5.0 and 6.5 kHz. The EQ can be placed before or after the compressor with the flip of a switch.

The new De-esser, which is implemented within the opto-compressor, uses an entirely new approach. A highly selective inductor-based detector triggers a very fast opto-inductive notch filter. The user can control the depth of the notch, which in turn controls amount of sibilance to be removed. When not triggered, the de-esser is out of the signal path entirely.


Yamaha n Series

...progress my setup will be inserts 1-4 1 - API Lunchbox with 512c, 560 eq and an RNC comp 2 - Pendulum Audio Quartet 3 - UA LA 610 4 - Sebatron Thorax stereo 9-10 - POD XT Pro Stereo 11-12 - Triton PRo CR A - Event ASP8 CR B - JBL LSR25P MIDI IN/OUT - Mixed Logic M24 and 2 sets of heaphones whew, gotta get it...

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Holy grail preamp: most versatile?

...much. It reminded me a lot of the way I remember the V76, and maybe even goes beyond it. Pendulum Audio Quartet: Nice open sound, especially if you use the input without the transformer, a sweet coloration and special sheen that I like. Avedis MA5: liked it in a short test. Nicely colored, discrete solid state...

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