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Peavey Electronics VMP 2
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Dual-channel tube mic preamp.


Peavey VMP-2

...have an old email from Jim concerning that mod: From: <mailto:[email protected]>Jim Williams To: Sent: Wednesday, March 17, 2004 8:27 AM Subject: Peavey mods... Hello, the VMP-2 mod includes MIT MultiCaps, Wima EQ and filter caps, Jensen input transformers and EH 12AX7A tubes. Gain setting electrolytic caps are changed to Rubycons bypassed with the Wima film caps. Top end details...

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Are preamps (that) important to record synths ?

...unpredictable. The BoomStar 4075 and Oberheim OB-3 sound great through the high Z inputs on the front of the Peavey VMP-2. The Moog Sub 37, Juno 106, JX-3P, Minibrute, and Prophet 6 sound the best through a customized Altec 1692A. This old preamp uses Peerless transformers which are American made and...

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Help me plan/strategize purchases

I could save $900 and just use unison pres.

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