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PAN 01

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DI Box for guitar recording and reamp

...difference (and if, where?) with the active version PRO48? Is it worth buying the active one? - Will a cheaper Palmer PAN 01 do the same job? The price is less than a half of the Radial, is there as much difference in performance as in price? - Am I choosing the right way? Would a...

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DI Box vs Transformered Adapter

...It´s important if someone out there wants to use this transformer. I have compared my DI BOX to the Palmer PAN 01. The Palmer is even simpler than the Millenium DI-E. I opened it and it has a cheap transformer, no mumetal box, and just a couple resistors for the 30dB L-pad. The impedance of...

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Cheap DI for bass guitar into tube mic pre

Tempted to give the Palmer Pan 01 a go. Anyone know the difference between Pan 01 and Pan 01 pro?

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