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Oto Machines BOUM
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Prototype Effects unit. No specifications available yet.


oto machines boum now up for preorder

The Biscuit looks a bit more complicated but I think the other is very easy to navigate compared to some rack effects Ive used. The Bim takes a little longer to learn. Ive also preordered the Boum which looks even simpler than the rest. These 3 will probably be the ultimate multi fx.

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New OTO machine on the way?

...long silence. OTO is still a small 2 people company, and we’ve been very busy with the release of BOUM, and increasing sales of our 3 products. First, I have to say that we won’t release a reissue or a new version of Biscuit, I’m sorry to disappoint some of you. I prefer to spend...

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What boxes are the pros using to mix edm?

...discuss versus us reminding him over and over that the magic of "EDM" is in the arrangement. Alternately, buy an OTO BOUM or Alesis Micro Limiter and learn to work with it if you really really want to start using hardware now.

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