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Oto Machines Biscuit
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BISCUIT add depth, texture and organic behavior to synths, basslines, drum machines and virtual sounds from computers.
By using 8-bit converters, digital processing and analog resonant filters, BISCUIT opens up a wide range of sounds from harsh distortion, digital and aliasing artifacts to warm and fat 8-bit sounds.

You can mute or invert each of the 8 bits of the digital signal by pressing one of the 8 rectangular switches, to generate strong distortions with an intense digital character.
Lower the sample frequency down to 250 Hz for aliasing effects and use the multimode analog filter to get a warm and fat sound.
You can also add one of the following effects to your 8-bit modifications: Waveshaper, Delay, Pitchshifter and Step Filter. Each effect contains one or several parameters to set.

Der OTO is the new Biscuit firmware (revision 2) and turns your Biscuit into a monophonic synth.
You can play Der OTO with a standard MIDI keyboard, a computer with a MIDI interface or the internal sequencer.


• Stereo inputs and outputs
• Input gain from -∞ to 15 dB with diode clipping
• Real 8-bit Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog converters
• Unique capability of muting and inverting each of the 8 bits
• Variable sample clock from 250 Hz to 30 kHz
• True analog multimode filter with resonance control
• FX section: Waveshaper, Delay, Pitch Shifter and Step Filter
• Separate control of dry and 8-bit signals
• MIDI : Continuous Controller, Beat Clock, Program Change and Sysex for presets
• Firmware can be upgraded via a MIDI SysEx file
• 16 user presets
• True Bypass by relay

You can access 4 new effects in the effects section (BRAIN switch lit up blue).
First select « WAVE » mode (the « 5 WAVE » switch turns red)
Then select the « 4/ F3 » switch which turns red.
Now select one of the 4 effects with « 2 / F1 » and « 3 / F2 »[/LIST]


Oto Biscuit - How can something so small be so good?

Guys, Im a big fan of the Oto biscuit - Der Oto... after they released their firmware update (Der Oto) I got very inspired and made this bass distorted electro track... all the bass & synth sounds are from Der Oto, plus the distortion fx also from the Oto Biscuit.

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Shruthi-1 vs DER OTO Biscuit

Does anyone have both of these? How much overlap is there between the two units? It seems they both have 8-bit oscillators, but Shruthi-1 has more oscillator type options whereas the Der Oto Biscuit is more effects focused? What else are the major differences between the two?

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Which hardware synths became powerful after its firmware updates..?

OTO Machines Biscuit actually added a synth after being sold as just being a bitcrusher with some 8 bit effects. That was even after they were discontinued. Mutable Instruments Elements has a secret mode from an update that makes it a 1/1 carrier/operator FM synth...also has some other secret modes as well... Glad I...

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